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Ciaté – Fly with me

Hello 🙂

Today I have just a simple review for you. The polish, however, is far from simple! We’re going to be talking about the colour, application, formula, drying time and all that fun stuff that you want to know about a nail polish.

Ciaté – Fly with me is a turquoise blue polish with some super fine magenta shimmers. It looks really gorgeous in the bottle! As you look at it from all different angles, the intensity of the shimmers changes, creating a really beautiful and interesting effect. Here are some photos attempting to demonstrate how unique this varnish is:


A stunner!

Now for the application: the formula is quite thin but it dries really quickly, which is a plus, because I needed three coats to be happy with the coverage. Unfortunately, no matter how many layers I applied and no matter what amount of glossy topcoats I used, I could not for the life of me make the shimmers show on my nails!


These photos were taken outside, on a cloudy British day. I see no shimmers! And it’s not just the photos, they simply weren’t there 😦 I experimented a little more with different lightings to see if I can get those little sparklies to show, but they are just really, really subtle! Adjusting the exposure of my camera and playing with an editing program didn’t help either – the shimmers show in the bottle but not on the nails!


The only time I can actually detect the magenta on my nails is in artificial, yellow lighting inside. It doesn’t, however, look so good in the pictures, so you’ll just have to believe me, the sparklies are there! But they are very shy and they only come out under very particular lights and only show very subtly. I do love this effect, it makes for a really interesting polish! I wonder if it wouldn’t be better if the shimmers were a little bit more visible, but I suppose the way they are, the varnish can still be considered office friendly!



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