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Free-handed tartan nails

Hello! 🙂

So it’s been a while, hasn’t it? Summer was busy with travels and laziness, hence no blog activity. Anyway, now it’s September, the weather is completely crazy and it just can’t make up it’s mind – sunny? rainy? storms! And it goes on, all day, every day. But I guess this isn’t really meant to be a meteorological blog but a nail blog, so let’s get to it, shall we? 

Lacking inspiration and motivation I finally decided to FREE-HAND some stripes on my nails. Now, I can’t really free-hand, so it took about forever (and still didn’t really scratch my aesthetic itch). But the colours are autumnal. And I actually discovered three really cool colours in my collection, which I will showcase below. Ok, enough of this, here are some photos:


For the tartan base I used MooMoo’s signatures Party Till Mooning – such an amazing mustardy holo but it doesn’t really work against my skin tone 😦 I suppose it’s ok with the stripes, but I don’t think I could really wear it alone. Anyway, it’s a beauty!


For the stripes I used a variety of different autumnal shades from three different brands. The rusty, pigmented orange is Encore by Ciaté. So pretty! And I don’t even like orange nail polishes! Next, for the muted, purple-toned blueish grey, it’s Golden Rose Color Expert in 85. Lastly, the gorgeous green is Kiko 48.


Now for the polishes that I actually really loved, they’re on my pinkie and index fingers. I really fell for the goldeny, silvery, slightly green-hued polish by OPI (It’s called Baroque… But still shopping. Perfect name for all the nail polish addicts out there 😉 ). It’s so unique, I’ve never seen anything like it. And the glitters in it are fantastic, they create a really beautiful effect on my nails. See for yourselves!


The other beauty is Twilight by Ciaté. Black base with tons of golden and rusty shimmers. Unfortunately, I couldn’t really capture it in my photos 😦 But it’s stunning, trust me.


Ufff, that’s a long post! Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this manicure / review/ rant. Let’s finish off with a couple more photos of my actual nails, one taken in the shade and the other shot in the sun, in attempt to catch more of the golden glitter on my index finger 🙂





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