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Cake glaze inspired purple nails

Hello 🙂

For a while now I’ve been seeing these really amazing videos of Ksenia Penkina glazing her magnificent cakes. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, definitely check out her page here and her Instagram here. I love these little videos, they are so absolutely mesmerising! Anyway, long story short, just recently a light bulb when off in my head and I thought that the exact same technique could be used on my nails! The glaze looks a little bit like a water marble mixed with maybe a drag marble, but it’s quite organic and imperfect, which I actually really liked. The transitions between colours are very soft and unpredictable and I just wanted it on my nails!!

I started by selecting some berry and purple tones and poured them into a little plastic jar which I use for depotting my creams when I travel. Next I poured the mixture out onto a nail mat (I use the Magic Workshop by MoYou London but any nail mat will do. You can even use a yogurt lid or any other plastic surface which you don’t care about). I then swirled the mat around a little bit to distribute the varnish. Here’s what it looked like (apologies for the really bad lighting!):


I left my little blob to dry for about 3-4h and then I cut it into 10 pieces to fit my nails. To apply these hand-made decals to the nails, I used a nail polish base and let it dry for just a little bit (about 5-10 seconds). I then pressed the decal down and smoothed it onto the nail surface with my finger. Acetone and a clean-up brush helped to seal the edges in and make everything seamless and neat. To finish off I applied a layer of a glossy top coat. That’s it! A simple and mess-free technique 🙂 Below you can see a few pictures of the finished result.


I actually think it looks quite stormy on my nails, not berry-ish like I intended, but I really enjoy how it turned out and I’m pretty sure I’ll be using this technique again, experimenting with different colours and finishes 🙂


The polishes I used are Sally Hansen Purpelling (available here), Astor Quick’N’Go in 355 and Joko J163.

Thank you for looking and I hope you like the look 🙂

See you soon!


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