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Inglot 404 and nail decals


Today’s post will be about one of my favourite nail arts techniques for those times when I know I won’t be able to re-do my nails any time soon. I was recently at a conference for a couple of days but I was also going to a garden party right after returning. This meant that I needed to get my party nails on before I went away for the conference. Below you can find a few pictures of the manicure as well as a short description of how I achieved this look. Enjoy!

I began with 2 layers of Inglot 404 nail polish. This is a very odd colour and I really don’t know how to best describe it. It’s somewhere between orange and pink, with strawberry-salmon undertones and some very fine pink and white pearl. I love this colour for the summer when I’m a little more tanned but it’s definitely a statement! Here’s a bottle shot for you as well as a photo the colour applied to my nails.


Unfortunately, I couldn’t quite capture how vivd and unusual the colour was 😦

Next I painted the top half of my nails with Ciaté Snow Virgin. I didn’t take a photo of that stage, sadly, but the point is that it didn’t have to be super precise because I applied water decals and a striping tape on top! 🙂 I picked a set that I ordered from the Born Pretty Store ages ago and I thought that it would go quite well with my summery dress which I was planning to wear to the party.


As you can see, it’s a bright and summery geometric design, the shades being very similar to the base colour I used but with some hints of green and blue. I cut the decals to size and applied them to my nails, melting the edges into the polish with a tiny bit of acetone and a clean-up brush. At that point the design still looked a little messy, so I decided to tie it all together with a thin stripe of a green nail art tape.


I find that protecting the tips of the nails with water decals really works wonders in terms of the wear-time. I’ve used this technique before when I went to Barcelona for a week and not even swimming in the sea every day could lift the design off of my nails! (If you’d like to see pictures of my Barcelona design, they can be found on my Instagram here and here.)

I hope you liked the look!

See you soon 🙂


6 thoughts on “Inglot 404 and nail decals

  1. i really like the decal technique because i’m usually too lazy to repaint my nails often. Definitely going to try this!


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