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First post – swatches of Inglot 992

Hello 🙂

I’ve been thinking what my first post should be and I settled for some simple swatches of one of my favourite polishes ever – Inglot 992.


It’s probably one of the most worn polishes in my collection, particularly in the warm months. Inglot 992 is just this perfect, vibrant lilac-blue with some incredibly fine purple pearl. Inglot is a Polish brand but they are very rapidly expanding to shops all over the world. Their collections, be it the infinite number of gorgeous nail polishes (mainly cremes, shimmers or pearls), or their lovely and vibrant eye shadows and lipsticks, have been present at all major fashion and beauty events, including the NYFW. All their varnish is toluene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate (DBP) and camphor free.

Two more bottle and brush shots for you:


So as you can see, the brush is quite small and it has a straight tip. I know some nail-art lovers prefer the large, rounded brushes, but personally I quite like working with the Inglot brushes. They give me just enough precision and coverage in a single swipe to make it a very easy application. As for the coverage, it’s definitely a two coater, one layer is very sheer and even a bit streaky, but all that magically goes away as soon as you apply the second coat. In the pictures below I’m wearing 3 coats, but only because I wanted it to look perfect, 2 coats would definitely be enough though.


It is extremely hard to capture the purple pearl but it makes the shade just a touch warmer and really quite unique – I don’t own anything just like this. I paired this nail polish with a floral monochromatic dress and I think it looked really great as a pop of colour.

If you like this colour or would like to see what else the brand has to offer, you can find their products here and the varnish I’m wearing is available here at £9.00.

Thanks for looking and see you soon! 🙂


8 thoughts on “First post – swatches of Inglot 992

  1. Looks like smth that could motivate me to improve my subpar nail application skills 😀 (how bout some tutorials? :)))) )
    I’ll sure stay tuned for whatever


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